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Soaking up these last bittersweet moments with this little man before we find our new normal next week as a working family πŸ‚ It's been a long four months since I've pulled out my camera for outdoor photos. But boy did I miss this magic ✨#adventure So I've been thinking lately about perspective. We see such a small snipped of each other's lives through these tiny squares and it is what we each choose to share with the world. It is such a small and edited version of our reality yet it is so easy to forget this. We all have our downs and our ups, our battles and our victories - my friends comparison will be the thief of our joy. Our journeys are all as imperfectly perfect as each other's πŸ‚ #deep That smirk is going to break some hearts πŸ’” #leosawyer #almost4months #secondchildforgettheweeks 50 shades of beige πŸ‚ #laundryday This little guy is knocking on 4 months. Yes you heard that right, 4 months #😳πŸ’₯

Life with two kids is no joke! I remember when Frankie was a baby thinking I had my hands full while cooking dinner but having two monkeys hanging off my legs is another ball game! I am a big fan of the baby bouncer distraction when the witching hour hits each evening. It is such an easy way to keep them semi distracted while you whip up tea. So tonight I thought I would chat about one of my favourite little baby tools – the Nuna Leaf.


The Nuna Leaf has been around for years and there is definitely a reason they are standing the test of time – they are freekin awesome! We had a simple bouncer with Frankie which we used our foot to move. This did work well and I never fully understood the appeal of a seat that moved by itself until I tried one out myself. It is SO handy not having to awkwardly push a bouncer while trying to do something else! The NunaΒ has a super gentle swing (even when a toddler pushes it with all their mite) and is super plush and comfy! I often use it as a place for Leo to sleep in the late afternoon when he really needs movement to help him rest.

If anyone is interested in checking them out you can find this model (in a few colours) at Dimples here.



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