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I have finally had a chance to sit down and begin to reflect on the crazy past week we have had! In theory Leo should still be in my belly for another 2 days but instead he surprised us arriving 10 days early! I never wrote down Frankie’s birth story but thought it would be great to share our experience this time around so here it goes.


On Tuesday 21st February evening I started to get a bit of cramping in my tummy and thighs – I jokingly said to Dylan we might have a baby soon (either that or I need to do a massive poo haha!) and we both kind of brushed it off. I was a week early with Frankie but knew it was often a different case with a second pregnancy. As the night went on they started taking a consistant form which I recognised from last time as being contractions.

Around 2am on the 22nd I woke up feeling nauseas and needed to run to the bathroom to throw up. From there onwards the contractions started to last longer and come closer together. I lay in bed eyes closed trying to rest through all of this as I knew how tiring (and in our case with Frankie long) labour can be. Trying to visualise with each contraction him moving further down my body and thinking that this is one less wave that I have to endure before he arrives. The pains were strong but by no means unbearable so I felt comfortable with not waking Dylan who was asleep next to me.

As the sun rose our normal daily routine began to start. Frankie came into our room for morning cuddles around 6am and Dylan got her up and bags packed ready for daycare. I mentioned to him that I think he better call his sister to take Frankie in instead of us as I was starting to feel a lot of pressure lower down in my body. Frankie came in and gave me a kiss goodbye and said “good luck”.

Around 7:45am we jumped in the car and headed to the hospital. Traffic was slow being the morning school rush but luckily we only live a short drive away. We arrived at the hospital just after 8am and were quickly popped into our room where my midwife checked to see for far along we were – 9cm! I jumped into the birthing pool straight away which was absolutely amazing on my back which was aching like heck! I had two more contractions before I said to Dylan I think I need to push and NOW! Around 6 pushes later Leo was born into the water and my arms at 8:38am – perfectly healthy 8lb 6oz baby boy with a full head of hair.

We were both in absolute shock of how quickly and easily he made his way into the world. It could not have been more of a polar opposite to our long and some what traumatic birth with Frankie (which ended in an epidural and 2.5 hours of pushing!). There was such a small amount of pain (to the point where I didn’t even realise we were passing through the transitional phase) and everything progressed so quickly. Before giving birth I had been reading briefly on hypno-birthing and I can 100% say that helped to put me in the right frame of mind for such a peaceful birth.

I wanted to share our birth story of Leo for anyone who has not had a positive birthing experience with their first child to know that it can be a beautiful experience the second time around. If anyone is interested in reading up on hypono-birthing I cannot recommend these two books enough: Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin and Hypno-Birthing The Mongan Method by Marie F. Mongan.

Thanks for reading guys! 🙂



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