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I have been meaning to share renovation before and afters from our little house for a while but haven’t had the time to properly sit down and put my words onto paper (so to speak). The first room do up I though I would share is our master bedroom / Leo’s current sanctuary.

A back story to our home – and trust me it’s not as glam as the photos make it look haha! We purchased this place coming up two years ago now just before the market went absolutely mental. This is one thing that we will be forever grateful for as it allowed us to get this cute 110sm 1940’s weather board in a good area as a first home.

We went through one open home then offered on the house within 30 minutes which meant we had literally viewed the property once before we signed a contract on it. Would I recommend doing this – um no! Absolutely no haha! The second time we came through the rose tinted glasses had faded a little and the realisation of the project we had just taken on started to become clearer. And boy is she a project!

The house is completely liveable but the walls look like they were plastered by someone who has had a few brews before hand. The paint is patchy and there are weird built in wall shelves everywhere. Alas it had good bones and with a bit of love is becoming a lovely first family home.

Enough rambling here’s to the photos.

Before (with previous tenants decor):




We didn’t have a massive budget for renovating our master bedroom (let’s be honest or the whole house) but this made us be more creative and clever with how we spent our money.

Best bargains:
1. Black steel frame bed – Dylan made this for around $150!
2. IKEA cot – super cheap and cheerful at $250
3. $79 Spotlight full length mirror
4. IKEA black wall lights

Best splurges:
1. Wooden beaded light from Norsu
2. Olive Et Oriel print

We used Dulux Okarito on walls, trims and ceilings which has brighten up the space so much. Hope you guys enjoyed this little post – next up will be Leo’s nursery!


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