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The kids were next level 🤡today but at least the house looks tranquil #tgifriday #waititsmonday Why is everything so much cuter in toddler and baby size? Only four months until we go on holiday - but who's counting 🌾#iam #100% #weeksdaysandminutes 12 weeks old. Doesn't believe in day sleeping but is the happiest clam we know 🐚 #leosawyer #12weeks New blog online tonight sharing more about the beautiful paper collective prints from @theposterclub #theposterclub There's not much sweeter than tiny girls in tiny tutus #piperandfrankie When your second child is born your love for your first doesn't become halved. Your hands are fuller, busier and messier but your heart doubles in size #youwererightmum @cottonon


I am a 23 year old mother of two trying to live a slower, more simple life in little nz. These are moments from our days together